The new Auburn CR 2.0 frame.  

The Auburn modular BMX racing frame has been resurrected into a modern-day, lightweight mini-, junior- and expert-size race frame. Original Auburn frame designer Bob Morales infused this innovative new design with Auburn DNA and the latest in bicycle frame technology.

The new Auburn frame is hand-crafted in California by world-renowned custom mountain bike frame builder Sherwood Gibson and his Ventana Mountain Bikes crew. That's right, a mini BMX racing frame built with the same materials and craftsmanship as a $3,000 custom mountain bike frame!

Each frame starts out with seamless, drawn, thin wall, 6061 aluminum tubing that is TIG welded to billet CNC-machined integrated head tube, CNC European bottom bracket, CNC chain stay yoke and CNC-machined rear drop-outs in precision jigs. After welding, each frame is solution heat treated and artificially aged in a state-of-the-art, custom-built in-house heat-treating oven and solution-quenching system to ensure the frames stay true and straight. Each frame is re-checked for precision alignment after heat treatment, then shot peened and anodized to create a hard, durable and lightweight surface protection.

Custom-made Titanium fasteners join the rear Works Link and front triangle as well as custom-machined Titanium brake bosses. No other BMX frame in the world is made to these standards. 

Each frame includes a Works Stand that mounts into a designated hole in the chain stay yoke. This stand raises the rear wheel off the ground for tuning the brakes, truing the rear wheel or lubing the chain while in your pit at the races.

PRICE: $1001.00  (All sizes, frame only)


Mini,  Mini Large,  Mini XL

Junior,  Junior Large,  Junior XL

Expert,  Expert Large,  Expert XL

WEIGHT:   2.1 Lbs. (Mini) - 2.4 Lbs. (Expert XL)

Geometry & Specs available upon request.


Front Tri-Angle:  black, red or blue (or your custom choice) matte finish anodize.

Works Link: black matte finish anodize  or polished clear anodize.

The Auburn CR 2.0 Frame is only available factory direct from Auburn. 

For ordering information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.