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Exciting Jackpot Wins

Golden Riviera online casino has been paying out hefty sums to various lucky winners that have been playing on the slots. Take a look at this Press Release for more information regarding who won and the amounts awarded to them for simply just playing slots at Golden Riviera.

Recently Golden Riviera has experienced quite a few new winners. One lucky winner won $19,267.50 on the popular vampire-themed game called Immortal Romance.

Crazy Vegas Casino paid out €23,500 to someone with the initials V.J when he played on some of the themed slots like Robin Hood, Feathers of Fortune, Hitman and a few other exciting slots. V.J praises Crazy Vegas Casino for the great experience he had playing at their casino.

A lucky winner at Casino Mate won AU$16,364.90 on The Dark Knight video slot, whilst it was also reported that more and more winners have been showing off their success at the online casino and commending Casino Mate on its excellent service and fantastic rewards.

If you’d like to be part of the action and get a taste of the Aussie way of life at Casino Mate, then feel free to go to and get in on the action.

                                                       Golden Riviera Casino

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Start rubbing your lucky coins together and clutching those lucky charms because when it comes to progressive jackpot slots there’s usually a lot of money to be won. This is how progressive slots work: When you enter a casino you’ll see a whole bunch of people huddled around the slots that are positioned in very close proximity to one another. These slot machines are all linked up to the jackpot and the amount sitting in the jackpot is usually displayed in bright flashing lights on top of the slot machines. With every coin that is inserted into each slot, a portion goes towards the jackpot - meaning that the jackpot is constantly increasing by the second.

Now, you may be asking: “But how does one win the jackpot?” The answer is: Winning the jackpot is possible by receiving the winning combination when all the reels display the symbol with the highest value (all in a row), which will then trigger the jackpot to payout. This payout is a more affluent one when playing on progressive jackpot slots because of the reasons described above.

When the jackpot has been won, it then will reset itself to a certain amount that has been set by the casino and will build its jackpot amount up once again. This is why (for obvious reasons) slot ‘machiners ‘ will gravitate to the slots that have the largest jackpot, as more can be won and perhaps there is a belief that the winning combination is bound to come up at any moment. This is obviously not 100% true as there is no set amount at which the slot machine will throw out the winning combination – it’s all based on luck.

Try out these great Progressive Jackpot Slots:

The Best Casinos on the Net

We’ve provided on a silver platter the best online casinos offering the best progressive slots, with the highest jackpots and payouts for your convenience.


Maple casino - Canada

                                                                                     Maple Casino - Progressive JAckpot Slots

Maple Casino has 17 of the most popular progressive slots on the net, each one offering either 3 or 5-reels. This is one of the most popular online casinos at the moment as their jackpot is generally a six-figured number and their payouts on all their games is pretty spectacular.

Maple Casino has used only the best graphics and software to produce their progressive jackpot slots and this is evident in the quality of their games in so far as the imagery and over-all functionality. The 5-reels slots offer the most benefits and the highest payouts as players can increase their bets and thus, increase not only the amount they can win, but the number of times they can win as well.

Because there is so much variety, progressive slots are not the only types of slots available – Mega spin slots is also another option and allow players to play on a number of slot machines all at the same time and bet the same amount of money on each slot providing numerous opportunities to win.


Casino Mate - Australia



Casino Mate is an Australian casino offering a great progressive pokies experience. There are various themed pokies and different reels on which all players can choose to get their fun and entertainment. Before players start playing, there are different guides to read – each one offering their own useful tips on how to play the progressive pokies.

Players can also read up about each progressive pokie before downloading the game. There are so many different themes that it would be unlikely for players to run out of progressive pokies, as everyone will encourage different bouts of excitement. Progressive pokies also give players the opportunity to win a jackpot that constantly increases in value, which is a great incentive for having fun.